BOCART chosen to deliver action to the Langelandsfestival


Langelandsfestival is a place where children, young people and families have fun! This counts for the concerts, the bars, Børneland and many more places – and now the Langeland Festival has taken another step to ensure that all guests come home with good experiences! They have asked BOCART to contribute to the Langeland Festival.

Get up and hover, challenge yourself on the obstacle course, shoot with laser weapons, move into the world of animals with Virtual Reality, or put the pedal to the metal on the BOCART course. This year Langeland festival introduces a new action park with experiences for big and small – and of course, there has to be a BOCART course.

BOCART has partnered with Langelandsfestival, which has gathered a number of strong playmates, who are in each their way amazing at creating fun activities for children, young people and families. We will be part of the Langelands Festival’s focus on creating action and fun outside of the music. This happens with:

GoMonkey, offers a truly unique vertical experience. Come and float through the air on a 200 meter long cable car in height of up to 10 meters.

Reborn, where you get a solid challenge on the obstacle course. This summer you can challenge yourself, your mate, your mother, your child, your colleague – or whoever needs to be tested!

Odense Paintball, which comes with four cool games, who are fun across age and level. On the course filled with inflatable barricades you can run around with laser guns and try to hit the others – or you can snatch a game bow-tag!

The Animals Alliance allows you to experience a 360 degree virtual room, where you watch a movie through a pair of virtual reality glasses.

BOCART, delivering adrenaline and off-road racing in the well-known strong terrain-based go-karts.

All the activities are, of course, that they are controlled by professional people who are used for instruction and support. The security is all good, so all the fun is allowed to fill!

At BOCART we are proud to be selected as a supplier of action for a solid and well-known festival such as the Langeland Festival!